Santa Fe, NM

My artwork explores the rhythms, tensions and harmonies of the natural world, reflecting my sensory perception of patterns, energies, atmospheres and relationships. I invite the viewer to experience with me the interplay of color and movement, form and texture in my interpretations of nature. I work with the idea of above and below, seen and unseen, in my paintings. By multiple layering I create my rendition of this perception.

I was born in Tucson, Arizona, and have lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, since the mid-1970s. The Southwestern landscape permeates my awareness of color and shape. The cycling of the New Mexico seasons, flights of birds, native flora, the Río Grande and other rivers and arroyos, continually visit my paintings. Travel intensifies my appreciation of the many forms and feelings in the world of nature. Repeated visits to Brittany/France have also inspired new ideas and allowed the rocks, coastal sand and patterns of the sea to become part of my work.   Various Asian aesthetics in crafts and painting continue to be a great influence.

My chosen medium is acrylic on canvas. I work with negative space by adding and subtracting shapes while building the surface to create an overall glow.