Charleston, SC

"Through the study of landscape, history and the pathos, major components in my work are the issues of impermanence, shifting perspectives, displacement, loss, and above all that of ever enduring hope, that which drives us on. My painting and drawing focuses on the subtle undercurrents, the not so blatant, crude or obvious, I pay attention to what happens between the obvious and believe that there is validity, and a need for the poetic in today’s world. Although my work is of an abstract nature, it always stems from the place and surroundings in which I find myself, from color observed, a line seen in space, or the found object, all of which find their way into my painting and act as metaphors. On considering my 3D forms, words that come to mind are, absence, presence, fragility full-ness, emptiness, strength, internal, external, leading to the possibility of much interpretation and discussion." 

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