Port Royal, SC

Penny Beesley was raised in an art loving family and her weekends were often spent at her father’s elbow in his studio. Art was a focal point during high school followed by Eastern Michigan University, attaining a BFA in ceramics and painting. Inspiration and motivation continue to come from nature’s surrounding stimulus of color, form and light, a background presence of music, man-made or natural, and the emotions brought on by them.

Color, shapes, negative space definition and the motion of abstract expressionism come from an inner spot that flows and speaks for her. She also finds a mix of media opens more opportunities for chance chemistry. The argument inside the skin has always been to be abstract and spontaneous, to follow the push-pull. Collage media and mono print papers bring chance juxtaposition and build up texture. Color and motion are essential elements. The exploration of techniques is a continuing learning experience.

“Working mostly in mixed media, I begin with the looseness and motion of abstract painting layered with some collage elements and then mark making. My initial approach is spontaneous and intuitive. I begin by gathering a selection of paint colors and papers often inspired by the environment I live in. I like to work in a series of three to five structures – either canvas, panel or paper. I will begin by energizing the surface without thought, only motion, and as shapes and design come together, I pause, listen to music, walk away for a while, then return. When something interesting happens, I interact again with other processes to bring cohesion and closure. Sometimes it takes a long time!”