Taos, NM

"I think of artistic mediums as distinct languages. I work intuitively, continually learning and relearning how to construct visual language in a way that communicates that which cannot be expressed with words. I listen and remain open to impulse and guidance while also leaving room for mystery to evolve in the application of the paint or ink. My imagery often begins as something transparent, evolving and taking shape as I learn more about the work’s character and identity. In this way, the surfaces I paint are reflective of our lives—layered, complex, and simultaneously awkward and yet elegant. Through the process of listening to the subconscious and mark-making, I attempt to create visual connections that resonate deeply within my being. I want my viewer to ask him or herself: what are the common seeds of our shared human condition both conscious and subconscious? Rather than express a specific idea, my work functions as poetic gesture, inviting the viewer to look within, to contemplate, wonder, and imagine.